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Austin, TX | Phoenix, AZ


My name is Alex and I was born and raised in Mesa Arizona. After graduating from Arizona State University in 2017, I moved to Austin Texas where I worked full time as a Software Developer and began my professional Game Dev journey. While my time in Austin was amazing, and I got to meet some incredible Game Dev members in the Austin community, I decided to return to Arizona so that I could be closer to friends and family. Back in Phoenix, I continue to work as a Software Developer full time, but continue my work as a freelance game developer in my spare time. Being able to work with such incredible indie studios over the past year has provided me with much needed experience, continued to fuel my love for the industry, and inspires me regularly to work on my own personal projects. When I'm not making games, you can find me hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend Josi, hanging out with my friends and family, playing Super Smash Bros Melee, or playing music. I look forward to the future, and thank you in advance for your support! See you all at GDC!


"This ain't overnight, this is year ten visions." - Russ, Me You


Twitter:   twitter.com/gentoogames